Are you a Swindon landlord? Require a Gas Safety Certificate?

There are strict laws concerning your gas supply and as a landlord it is your responsibility to ensure that your property is fit for use and safe whether you have a flat you rent out in Swindon, a business property or a large property portfolio.

Isn’t that up to my tenants?

No, it’s your responsibility to get the property checked once every 12 months. You have to then keep a record of the inspection for the next 2 years.

What do I need to do?

Call us and arrange a suitable time for one of our Gas Safe registered plumbing engineers to come to visit your property. They will take you through every step of the inspection if you like, or if you already know about the process you can let us do the work and wait for the inspection report.

What’s the certificate for?

The certificate shows that the gas supply in your property is safe for use and that your pipework, gas appliances and flues are all up to standard and meet government safety standards. If you don’t have this certificate you won’t be allowed to continue to rent your property and could get into trouble with the law.

Why are you my best choice?

If you need a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate then the check must be done by a fully qualified and registered Gas Safe plumbing engineer. All of our plumbers are registered and have years of experience performing Landlord Gas Safety Certificate inspections and reports. You’ll have the best people providing the best service with clear explanations and solutions to any problems that they may encounter.

I have a number of properties; can I make you a regular service provider?

Of course, we can set up an annual inspection specific to your needs taking the stress and hassle out of the equation. Let our Swindon team make certain that your property meets all the safety standards and requirements of the law.

Remember, if you need your property to be Gas Safe and need a Landlord Gas Safe Certificate you can call us on our number and set up an appointment right away and well take care of the rest.



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