Swindon Central Heating Services

Problems with your central heating? We have years of experience dealing with all kinds of problems with central heating in Swindon and will make sure that your house is well heated and your central heating is working properly whatever the weather!

If you need a central heating plumber in Swindon that you can rely on, that offers great prices, fully licensed and insured staff, and a fast and professional service then contact us now. If you have a problem you need to get it fixed right away so that it doesn’t get any worse. Let us do the hard work for you. Call us now to speak to one of our staff and get some help.

With winter always just around the corner, it is time you check your heating system. Our professional team of plumbers would strongly advice that you act in advance instead of facing unseen disasters at times that you least expect it. This advice is brought to you with keeping our customer’s best interest in mind. Not only is it more convenient to be prepared in advance with your heating system but it also saves you the cost of major repairs later on. If left unattended, there is also the cost of dealing with the result of a heating system failure.

There are many things that go wrong with central heating over time and most often we get calls about heating elements not working properly leading to water coming out too hot or too cold!

If you have problems with a hot water tank or water heater we can help. If there isn’t enough water, or if it is smelling badly or coming out red or a dark colour then let us come and fix it for you. Even if it’s just some strange noises or a creaking pipe that you can hear this might well be the sign or a growing, more serious, problem.

Healthy Heating = Healthy Planet

Get your central heating working the way it should be. This will save you money and have less impact on the environment. Our professional team is trained to work in an eco friendly manner. Therefore we will work with an aim to keep your home energy efficient while also reducing the wastage so as to save the environment. We keep up to date with all the latest environmentally friendly heating technologies and have solar engineers to fit or repair any type of solar water heaters.

So if it’s an electric water heater, a water tank or a solar water heater, we can help. Don’t let a cold pipe turn into a burst pipe or a dodgy heater becoming a broken heater. Get things fixed, get your house heating system healthy and make a minimal impact on the planet, as well as your pocket.

Book an appointment with one of our experts and he will visit your home to check the insulation of your exterior pipes, make sure your boiler is working and look around for any signs of malfunction of your central heating system. If however, you do come across an emergency heating malfunction, call Swindon Plumbing services immediately and we will come to your assistance. Our vast experience ensures that we are very well capable of solving almost any emergency situation on the spot.

Our central heating services involve improving your living standard and making your home a better place. Every member of the professional team at Swindon Plumbing & Heating is dedicated to proving the best service and experience. We offer extremely competitive prices for all our central heating solutions. Our reputation stands on swift service and premium quality, at most affordable rates.


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