Boiler Services in Swindon

Does your boiler need a service or do you have a larger problem? We all know that a faulty boiler is something that needs fixing as fast as possible. We have Swindon based heating engineers to help and our expert plumbers provide a fast, efficient and friendly service at the most competitive prices you can find.

Having a 100% healthy boiler means that you have peace of mind for your property, run your heating with maximum efficiency, and make savings on your bills. Keeping your boiler well serviced is essential for your home or business that’s why we have a team of dedicated expert plumbing engineers at Swindon Plumbing & Heating who can deal with all boiler issues that you may have.

Common problems we find:

Pressure drop
Gas leak
Flashing red light
Faulty code display
Water leak

If you have one of the problems above or something else, don’t worry, we’re here to help. We offer a comprehensive service with a team of friendly professional plumbers ready to take care of your problems. Give us a call now for a quote and some expert advice to help get your boiler working the way it needs to be.

It doesn’t matter what type of boiler you have, we have the experts and experience in Swindon to fix them all:

Combi boilers
Gas boilers
Electric boilers
Water heaters
Hot water cylinders

If you are building a new home or are re-doing the entire interior in Swindon, you might be in need of someone to help you with a new boiler. We are well equipped to provide the products and installation service of any of the above boilers. From recommendation to installation and to after sales service, we will fulfil all your boiler needs. Depending on your life situation and your budgetary needs, we will recommend a suitable boiler for you and if you agree with our option, we will bring it to your site and do the complete installation for you. Once the installation is complete, we recommend a regular check-ups of and boiler services to make sure no unseen problems arise. For this regular check-up, feel free to call Swindon Plumbing & Heating and ask for our advice.

Heating Engineers in Swindon

Each type of boiler has its own requirements needs to keep it running safely and we provide all services from a regular check-up, a full boiler service and repairs of all kinds. Call us now and get the service you need from the most reliable boiler servicing team in Swindon. If you aren’t sure what exactly the problem is don’t worry, talk to one of our expert heating engineers and well soon have everything worked out and be on our way to fix it for you.

Our experienced team at Swindon Plumbing & Heating would advice not to wait until the summer to sort out issues out. When the heat kicks in, the boiler cools outsides and because of the warmer air, condensation tends to occur. High levels of humidity are a major cause for issues occurring as a result of dampness. Our expert solution for this problem is to keep the inside of the tank insulated at all times. Not only will this solution avoid dampness, it will also help keep the water at decent temperatures all year round.

This particular task is very difficult to do by yourself. Hence call our team of plumbers and we will come to your home with the necessary tools and equipment. Once on site, we will empty your tank and install the materials needed for insulations and then re-fill the boiler tank and check it’s running trouble free.


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