Swindon’s Bathroom Installation Experts

Want to realise that dream bathroom that you have been waiting for? Time to get that power shower? Adding an en-suite to an existing property? Looking to get something really luxurious to replace a tired looking suite?

We have expert bathroom fitters and plumbing engineers to tackle anything you might want done. If you just want to fix a few things, add a new set of taps or upgrade to a steam room or a new Jacuzzi. We can do it all, we have a team of very creative professionals who can find the best way to make your bathroom ‘work’.

As ethical tradesmen who care deeply about their customers, our team of plumbers use the best tools and products required to complete your plumbing job. Also, when recommending products to our customers, we are very picky with our advice. With our vast experience, there are many lessons we have learnt when it comes to new products and tools in the plumbing industry. Hence our recommendations will always come with intense thought on which products will or will not be right for every particular situation.

It can be hard sometimes to refit a bathroom whilst living in the property. We deliver a very personal service that can work to your schedule so you can be in or out at work and rest assured that the work is being done to the highest professional standard by one of our expert plumbing engineers. Also, our long history in plumbing has taught us that if the quality of raw material used is good, only then will your complete plumbing job be of a professional standard. Swindon Plumbing & Heating is always on the lookout for better materials in order to provide our customers with an ever better service and value.

Our team of plumbers are consistently researching on the latest and more sophisticated tools and products, which we invest in and give the benefit of that to our loyal customers. Therefore, by selecting us as your sole plumbing service providers, you are guaranteed that the plumbing of your home is left in the hands of the most skilled and experienced team of plumbers. Call Swindon Plumbing today! We care for every bolt turned!

So whatever the job, wherever in Swindon, from low water pressure to a leaking toilet to a dream bathroom, we can do it for you, call us now and talk to one of our expert advisors and set up an appointment.

Previously seen as more of an expensive luxury, underfloor heating is now easily affordable and a very practical way to heat your bathroom. It also means shoes, slippers or socks are a thing of the past and your bathroom becomes the places of warm toes and towels in the morning. Not only cosy, but energy efficient and practical, this means that more and more people are adding this option for their bathroom floors.

Give us a call and let us take you through the benefits of underfloor heating, it doesn’t just have to be in the bathroom! We can visit you at a time you want, offer the advice you need, the service you expect and a price you can understand with no hidden costs.

When re-modelling your bathroom, you may often find yourself dreaming of big ideas. Our team of experts are here to help you make those dreams a reality. Our experience has taught us that the biggest dreams can be met at the most economical prices. Get in touch with Swindon Plumbing & Heating today to give your bathroom an amazing facelift at an affordable budget.

We think that it is crazy to deny yourself the luxury of a new shower and bathroom fittings simply because you cannot afford it. We can always help you with an innovative and affordable solution. And you do not have to invest in everything all at once. You can make your investments gradually depending on your budget and life situation. But remember, Swindon plumbing will always be at your side, every step of the way. We will install a new shower for you today, and six months later, we will still be there to install your new sink fittings. So do not hesitate to depend on us for all your bathroom fitting needs!


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